This one is from my answer on reddit and is about Tape T, but has some of my thoughts about my pedals and whether you should buy them in general.

‘Now to my thoughts – usually I advise not to buy any of my pedals when in doubt. Chances are you will be disappointed or frustrated and probably have a hard time selling it then. My pedals are designed and built to be unpredictable, ‘alive’, noisy and over the top. They introduce pretty harsh and maybe quite unusable sounds because sometimes it’s just what some creative people need. Tabletop argument as well as not being able to recreate sounds argument are both valid. Small pots are also not very easy to manipulate. Also when ordering directly from me it’s usually a very long wait, both for the pedal to be built and for russian EMS post to deliver it (I now have 10 packages stuck in transit from the end of April despite EMS’ proposed 12 days delivery). I always offer replacements and they also take some time, hense more wait. Quality is definitely not big industry comparable, mishaps sometimes happen, repairs are offered with me paying for both shippings. Designs are applied using my own ink melting method, are kind of ‘relic’ from the start.So, in conclusion – my pedals are definitely a gamble even if you are looking for unusual, lofi, harsh and unpredictable sounds. Considering high prices, overseas shipping and long waiting times I would think twice about ordering one. I still love each of them though))Hope this helps, sorry for a long post. Alexey (ezhi&aka)’