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TAPE V is the advanced broken tape machine emulator that crushes your signal, adds dirty unstable amplitude modulation, tape stops, over the top vibrato and tape manipulation.

TAPE V features two separate multiwave lfos one of those can control the other’s speed, depth, waveform or multiplier to create weird modulation patterns with a flip of a switch.

A force sensitive resistor mounted between the footswitches acts as a manual up or down tape stop tool for chew effects.

Speaking of chew, a dedicated envelope engine with two opposite modes is present and can be used alongside other modulation sources. Depending on the mode your signal begins to be chewed when you play harder or softer. Turn on both to lose control completely.

The speed of chip’s reaction to your playing can also be chosen between immediate, medium and long.

Another envelope engine controls the amplitude modulation with two modes, forward and reverse. Forward increases gain of your signal as you play harder allowing for cool slow gear effects with gating and occasional fuzz when you want it. Reverse does the opposite and drops your signal when you play harder eating your attack not in a pleasant way.

After almost half a year of designing and redesigning Tape V changed its name (from Videotape), its enclosure and production level.

The concept stayed the same.

Release prices TBA

Thank you for your trust and support