Progress for regular preorders and early preorders.

UPD 19.06

Pre last batch of Broms is finished and is being shipped as we speak.

All regular MDT21 preorders fulfilled!

All early preordered PF+E prepared, assembly and shipping coming next week.

I finally got hold of my loan money and I’m ready to assemble and ship out pedals with the fastest speed possible.

I really really really appreciate your support, understanding and patience.

Unfortunately, EMS post keeps disappointing and surprising, sometimes delivering pedals in 5 days and sometimes needing 50-65 days to deliver. I’m really sorry about that, but it’s the last viable ‘fast’ shipping option out of Russia. Regular post is even slower with packages being transported by sea, DHL and FedEx rates are $150-250 overseas from Russia 😳

I’m planning on preparing all the Double Polarized Flutter+Echos next week too, possibly shipping in 10-12 days.

I love you all, stay safe.

UPD 29.05 –

This week’s progress.


There are several reasons why it takes so long for me to finish your early discounted prepaid orders.

Main one is that I’m generally quite a slow builder.

Rf78s are postponed because of a large shipment of main ICs being lost. New ones are ordered and are on their way.

New Terverb and BROM…fade are still on their breadboards being changed and updated every time I work on them. I need to finally make decisions and order the PCBs.

One issue I haven’t really mentioned is money. I had to spend a large part of my shipping fund due to parts lost in the mail and moreover due to newer Russian financial regulations which increased my taxes a whole lot and forced me to prematurely close all accounts and credit in one of the banks. Apparently they don’t know what paypal is and thus they made me prove I’m not financing terrorism (yup).

These issues are 100% not your problem and I should have been wiser and more careful with the shipping fund.

I know you all have been really understanding and patient and I’m really lucky and grateful.

I’m in the process to take a new loan from a new bank to cover those unexpected expenses and make sure everyone receives their pedals.

It will definitely take time but I can promise all your early preordered pedals will be finished by the end of summer. Probably much sooner, but I don’t want to waste any more of your time with my wrong predictions and false promises.

Thank you

UPD 05.05 – 37 regular preorder pedals to go (MDTs and BROM fuzzes), New Terverb being repacked into a smaller (the same as PF, MDT, TM and RF78) enclosure, already built PFs disassembled and upgraded with the ‘last moment upgrade’, RF78 chips still in transit, solving this problem as I can.

Early preorders are coming after regular preorders, waiting time is stretched into the summer. I’m sorry, I’m trying to bring the best possible builds as quickly as I can. I really apreciate you patience and trust.

Early preorders

NTR – 10

NTRS – 6

PF+E – 11

DPF+E – 12

TM – 37

RF78 – 30


113 total. I really underestimated the time needed to build all of these.

Regular preorders

MDT21 – 10


UPD 29.04 – Did a couple of last minute circuit redesigns for PF+E (6 of 11 are built and being prepared for shipping), also improved Brom…Fuzz circuit. 29 of 56 Brom…Fuzzes are shipped or prepared for shipping. Working on early preorders, RF78 still wait for their lost main chips (hopefully arriving soon), 10 of 40 TMs are prebuilt, please note –

Early preorders take a long time to prepare. Maybe much longer than the estimated three-four months. That is why they were all discounted – to allow me to buy\order needed parts, enclosures. finishing supplies etc etc. Without your trust and these preorders these pedals were not possible at all. Buying 5k worth of reverb bricks is not something I can do without your support like this.

Circuits are being built, tested, rebuilt, tested again for maximum weirdness and fun.

New Terverbs and Brom…Fades will be the last early preorders to be fulfilled as I’m still working on them (main Brom circuit just got rearranged early this week for example).

I gave up earnings from these pedals just to be able to bring them to life. I am really grateful for your trust, patience and support.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional info, about your pedals, what state they are in, etc.

Thank you!

UPD 20.04 – Almost all mono PF+E pedals are finished, soon to be shipped. Half of private MDT21 orders are already fulfilled. All current DTT orders are fulfilled. Double Tape Ts coming soon. Finished more than half of preordered Brom…Fuzzes.

I’m changing waiting times for all pedals on the website, progress is steady but slow. Please feel free to contact me if you have any problem with that.

Early preorders will definitely be extended to June at least, RF78, Brom Fades and New Terverbs being the last ones.

UPD 6.04 – Well, yes. Sorry about that. Tried to post updates on instagram and always forgot people are checking out this page too.

So, regular preorders are being shipped, first Brom…Fuzzes, almost all MDT21s, all DTTs. I will continue finishing and shipping regular preorders every week until there are no more of them. All dealer orders are put on hold in favour of regular and early preorders.

Early preorders for PF+E, DPF+E and TM are the first ones to be finished, everything is prepared (enclosures, soldered boards, etc), assembly, testing and shipping left. Post has lost one of the fsr packages but I’ve got enough for all PFs.

First PFs coming this week.

RF78 are delayed as the main shipment of the delay chips used in them is lost too. I’ve already ordered the replacements and everything else for the pedals is already prepared (enclosures, boards etc) so when the chips arrive, I’ll just put them into basically finished pedals, test and ship them.

Terverbs and Brom…Fades are the slowest now. Basic New Terverb is finalized, stereo version is being tested. Brom…Fades have received the least preorders so they are now on hold. I’ll finish and assemble them as soon as I’m done with most of the regular preorders.

Thank you. Your patience and understanding means a world to me.

UPD 4.02 – Daily, yeah…. Sorry about that. Been busy working on Terrible Mother – added new modes, a 4th delay instead of needlessly scanning through clean signal, the main effect is now inserted into clean (so when the effect’s volume is zero the pedal turns into a very strange tremolo), but you still have your dry clean on a different pot to mix in.

Since tap footswitch is useless in lfo envelope control mode it automatically switches to ‘dice stop’, stopping at the current value.

Drilled a ton of enclosures, received a ton of belton bricks, Terverb finalization very soon. Basically it’s brick into brick into brick into modulation chip into my very first overdrive (also based on an IC not suited for it) into crossfade section to play your reverb sound with your dry sound’s envelope. Stereo has double of that.

Got some fancy screws to attach IR sensor to RF78, but they are way too long, ordered shorter ones. Might take some time.

Once the toggle switches arrive first Benzo…Fuzzes from the second batch will get finished and shipped.

There is another very seductive idea in my mind, my first synth/instrument. I’m fighting the urge to start working on it since I still need to finish drawing PCBs for TM, Terverbs and Brom…Fade.

UPD 27.01 – First RF78 pcbs had some flaws, tested, fixed, main batch ordered. New Moomin has the same enclosure and almost the same layout but the pcb wouldn’t really work with regular two layers, so it will be my first lazy 4 layer pcb. Ordered.

Terrible Mother is being tweaked and modified as we speak and this is probably my favourite design so far.

I’ve also received obsolete 41256 memory chips for RF78, other parts are on their way.

UPD 20.11 – PCBS for DPF+E and PF+E tested, working, already started building. PCBS for RF78 ordered, arriving tomorrow.

ALL BROM…FUZZ Batch1 orders shipped. BROM…FUZZ Batch 2 #1-#9 finished.

New Terverb updated, waiting for new breadboards to throw in Fadeverb capabilities.




Brom…Fuzz #40-#48 – finished, preparing shipment

Brom…Fuzz #49-#57 (last ones for batch 1) – finished, emails sent.

Terverb Stereo (New Terverb Stereo) – final prototyping, ordering pcbs ~ in a week

New Terverb – final prototyping, ordering pcbs.

Polarized Flutter+Echo, Double Polarized Flutter+Echo – prototyping complete, ordering pcbs in 1-2 weeks, designes finalized.

Moomindrone T21 – prototyping, drawing pcbs, design finalized.

Terrible Mother – prototyping, design finalized.

Running for 78 – prototyping, added a comparator circuit now need a timer to tame its ridiculous loading times (yup, that’s a thing with old digital chips)

BROM…FADE – finishing prototyping

TapeV – prototyping.