BROMDIHYDROCHLORPHENYLBENZODIAZEPINE is a fuzz with three separate voices nearly as strange as its name.

Ampfuzz is based on a starved and overdriven amplifier IC and provides high gain open fuzz with dying decay but yet quite a lot of sustain and very little intermediate noise.

Tapefuzz is a weidro. Being technically a digital effect as the main IC here is a digital delay chip, it’s a low and heavy fuzz with strong gate but also a lot of sustain and droning capabilities. To make things more interesting this one has an autoswell feature with only on-off control on the pedal and a lot of control by the way your play.

Noisefuzz is a pseudo-ringmod dirt thing with three range modes (from high blips and squeels to humping broken tremolo controlled by your playing) each sensitive to the frequency and amplitude of your signal. It can be noisy, uncontrollable and wild being based on a very old IC used in landline telephones.



Deposit is $25

Building time is 3-6 weeks

Free EMS (courier) shipping for faster and safer delivery.