POLARIZED FLUTTER+ECHO takes the original Polarized Flutter concept of manual pressure sensor tapestop pedal further with new mode selectors and of course feedback control for deep controllable echo.

Four mode selectors allow to choose what parameter and in what direction will be controlled via the pressure sensor.

First, we have the main ICs clock control for upward and downward dirty tapestops, light or heavy manual vibrato and tone destruction.

Delay time control has a dedicated Depth knob to set the limit of manual time control, also up (longer delay time when sensor is not touched, shorter delay times up to almost unnoticable delay when sensor is pressed heavily) and down (minimal delay when sensor is not touched, maximum delay set by Depth knob when sensor is pressed heavily).

Amplitude control has two distinct modes – one controlling signal’s gain from clean to fuzzy, the other turning signal off and on with needle drop thump.

Feedback control with its own knob allows for two opposite sensor controlled modes – press harder for more feedback/echo, press harder for less feedback/echo. In conjunction with tapestop modes this lets you achieve wide echo swells only when the sensor is pressed or dive into feedback without touching the pedal only to bring your clean signal back by pressing the pad.

DOUBLE POLARIZED FLUTTER+ECHO is a double mono/true stereo version of the new POLARIZED FLUTTER+ECHO pedal, basically putting two separate circuits into one enclosure with its design based on available finishes for mono pedal. Parallel (stereo) and Series (double mono) modes let you use this unit in both stereo and mono setups.


CONTACT or DM me to reserve yours, no deposit needed.

9VDC center negative (Boss style) 100ma

100*120*35mm+17mm knobs/ 3,9*4,7*1,4in+0,7 knobs