Over a year ago I promised you 16 new and updated pedals and took you deposit money to fund the project which I did. Turns out roughly $2500 is not enough for more than 50 pedals of 14 different kinds.

I promised to start delivering in October or November 2018 but it didn’t happen.

And you were very understanding and supportive.

In December I announced a 50% discount for all preorder participants and new people jumped in.

2019 began with customs and legal troubles which caused a lot of delay. Luckily I somehow managed to finish and show Tape V and Terverb M prototypes.

All the money I earned working some side jobs went straight into buying Ucreates (sometimes broken), costly reverb bricks and other parts including PCB revisions and enclosures.

And it still wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough.

But I’m still eager to finish the project. I will have to raise funds promoting my older pedals and please, don’t be offended by that.

New pedals will be released one by one over the next 12 months or so.

If you have preordered – thank you, your patience and kindness literary keeps me alive in such a shameful situation – you won’t need to pay anything for your brand new pedal. If the deposit was too big, it will be refunded as soon as I raise some funds.

If you are tired of waiting I will refund your deposit with a little interest.

Overestimating your abilities and the circumstances around you nearly killed my beloved ezhi&aka, left me with no sleep out of guilt and shame and left you without the pedals you wanted.

I will not stop until I fix it.

Thank you