Moomindrone T21 generates a lofi drone buzzing along with your input signal, catching some notes and making them shimmer and sparkle. This pedal has two separate sound engines – drone and lofi delay. They are run in parallel and can be mixed with each other as well as with clean signal. 

Moomindrone T21 features two multiwave interconnected lfos with various waveforms to modulate the pitch of drone and delay in opposite phase and sound engines’ amplitude. The modulation can go from subtle to extreme sounding like your deck is chewing the tape – or worse. Amplitude modulation is not based on controlling the volume of the signal but on controlling its gain and gating on delay side. 

Lfo 2 has a tap tempo function and also controls the speed of Lfo 1. You can modulate each affected parameter of each engine with any of the lfos.

Moomindrone T21 has 12 potentiometers, 1 inner trimpot, 4 toggle switches and a tap footswitch for Lfo 2.

Two new controls are added compared to the previous version – drone feedback amount and delay feedback. You don’t need to adjust inner trimpots to find your favourite sound anymore.

Also the pitch modulation is much deeper now, you can achieve slight warble only at the lowest positions of depth knobs, but it’s only the beginning of destruction.


CONTACT or DM me to reserve yours, no deposit needed.

9VDC center negative (Boss style) 200ma

120*100*35mm+17mm knobs/ 4,7*3,9*1,4in+0,7 knobs