FABRIC 437 is the second multiple parallel fuzz/dirt pedal based on chips and circuits not really suitable to produce those high gain sounds.

It features a glitchy octave down (and down and down) fuzz mixed with a overdriven (very) resonant low pass filter controlled by input signal, footswitch or square wave lfo, and a clean signal ring modulating inself to add even more weirdness.

The main goal is to provide some different and unusual sounds and their parallel combinations.

A large part of the pedal is a random noise oscillator controlled by a footswitch. Basically each time you press the footswitch it produces a different tone/noise and inserts in into your signal muting your signal in process.

When the footswitch is let go everything goes back to normal. Noise oscillator can be modulated by a square wave lfo as well.

As this design is a work in progress lots of things can change. Don’t really want it to be a one trick pony and really try to include as many outlandish sounds as possible. Inserting not only oscillator but other fuzz/dirt sounds into your signal might be one of directions for this project, self modulating clean signal might not make it into final design, etc.