This is the new ezhi&aka 2018 pedal line.

These pedals are being developed to be released as soon as possible.

You can help us by preordering any of these pedals now for $50 as a deposit.

Your preordered pedal will be built and shipped within 10-12 weeks tops.

You will also get a 10% preorder discount when the pedal is finished.

All prices include worldwide shipping.

Demos and photos will be posted soon.

Love you.




VIDEOTAPE – signal crusher, tape chewing vibrato, wide chorus, regular and gain tremolo, two lfos, momentary function, force sensor controlled tapestop

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $225




SIRMRGLITCHY – the most lofi on the market comes back with more delay time, various envelope glitch/crush modes and force sensor controlled pitch

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $225 




FRNVVH2 – four different extended delays, two lfos with more modulation options, a new super glitchy sampler, 1/8′ (3,5mm) patchbay

222mm/146mm (8,7’/5,7′) enclosure


MOOMINDELAY – multichip delay with amplitude modulation, pitch modulation and special functions

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $225




MOOMINFADE – fade between your clean signal and a tunable modulated envelope controlled sweet drone

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $225




MOOMINBEAT – sequenced pitch modulated tap tempo

beat/fx unit

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $225




MRARCADE – lofi delay with momentary time footswitches for time jumps back and forward

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $150




MRNICE – basic warm sounding lofi delay with modulation

114mm/64mm (4,5’/2,5′) enclosure, $150




MRCLAP – clapping/rhythmic delay with percussive repeats

114mm/64mm (4,5’/2,5′) enclosure, $150 




TERVERB M – good old terverb in a much smaller enclosure and a new sound

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $325 



CARPET2 – 12bit sampler/repeater with with sample rate and length control and glitcher functions

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $225




FADEVERB – a reverb crossfading between different legths of decay and your clean signal

171mm/122mm (6,7’/4,8′) enclosure, $325 



CROSSFADE – tap tempo crossfade between two separate fx pedals and a handy tremolo

120mm/100mm (4,7’/3,9′) enclosure, $150